Dr.  Fabio  Rinaldi

Institute of Computational Linguistics. University of Zurich, Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zurich,

Office: 5.E.10
Tel.: +41 44 635 7132
Fax: +41 44 635 6809
fabio.rinaldi AT uzh.ch

Fabio Rinaldi is a lecturer and senior researcher at the University of Zurich. He co-authored more than 100 scientific papers (including more than 20 journal papers), dealing with topics such as Ontologies, Entity Extraction, Answer Extraction, Text Classification, Document and Knowledge Management, Language Resources and Terminology.

He has a solid computational background and considerable practical experience derived from participation in several European Projects (LRE-Gist, LE-FaCiLE, ESPRIT-Concerto, IST-Parmenides, FP7-MANTRA) and internal/departmental projects (ExtrAns, OntoGene). He has worked in major research centres of four European countries (ITC/IRST-Italy, UMIST-UK, GMD/IPSI-Germany and University of Zurich, Switzerland) and speaks four major European languages (English, German, Italian and Spanish). He is the initiator and team leader of the OntoGene group, which focuses on Text Mining for biomedical applications.

Currently he is principal investigator of the SNF-funded MelanoBase project, and is also involved in a large NIH-funded project focused on assisted curation for the RegulonDB database, where he applies technologies previously developed within the scope of his previous SNF-funded project SASEBio (Semi-Automated Semantic Enrichment of the Biomedical Literature). Other projects in which he is currently involved deal with text mining for psychological disorders (PsyMine) and for veterinary applications (VetSuisse).


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